Strategies to Improve  Health Equity Where African Americans 

Live, Work, Learn, Worship and Play in Sacramento, CA

Community Action Plan

Saving Our Legacy: 

african americans for smoke-free safe places


Educators trained in public health and practitioners in health care focus on influencing individuals’ knowledge, attitudes, behavior, and community norm change to improve health and reduce disease. The public health community has come to realize that health is not just about individual behavior choices; it is also about the social conditions of where people live, work, learn, play and worship.

Saving Our Legacy, African Americans for Smoke Free Safe Places (SOL Project), and a Social Determinants of Health Planning Committee comprised of health educators, public servants, health care practitioners, policymakers, and non-profits came together to develop a community action plan (CAP) that addresses social determinants of health among African Americans in Sacramento California.

The CAP  explores disparities related to: heart disease and type 2 diabetes; tobacco use and obesity as two risk factors for these disparities; and educational attainment, economic development, and racial discrimination/social justice as three social determinants of health that when improved can greatly impact and eventually eliminate health inequities in this population.

The CAP contains a fraction of obtainable promising practices that influence health disparities and inequalities faced by African Americans. It is our hope that the CAP will spark a movement among organizations, medical providers, businesses, community advocates, and residents to implement more strategic and synchronized efforts around social determinants of health.