Abdulaziz Attassy, MPH, Project Coordinator 

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Over the last 10 years Abdulaziz “Aziz” Attassy has worked with various health organizations as an advocate, educator, and research analyst. He developed, organized and facilitated outreach strategies and activities. He built and fostered collaborative relationships with community organizations, political stakeholders, as well as health care vendors. Aziz also informed and educated health professionals and community advocates on research-based analysis impacting underserved and high-risk populations.

Some key tobacco laws he worked on alongside American Heart Association were Proposition 56 tobacco tax, implementing a public “Non-Smoking” policy in restaurants, and no smoking restrictions in public housing and public areas.

Twlia Laster, Project director 


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Ms. Twlia Laster has been working in tobacco control specifically serving African American and African Immigrant populations for 22 years. Her experience includes, administration, grant coordination, program development, coordination, management, cessation and focus group facilitation on each African American priority population contract for the California Tobacco Control Program (CTCP) funded grant programs since 1996. Her most recent work focuses on advocating for smoke-free policies in outdoor dining areas, providing technical assistance to Sacramento Regional Transit District (SRTD) on implementation of their recently adopted smoke free policy for light rail stops and bus stations; and development and implementation of a Social Determinants of Health Community Action Plan for African Americans in Sacramento County. 

Meet the Staff 

  Saving Our Legacy: African Americans for Smoke-Free Safe Places

Kimberly Bankston-Lee, Senior Program Director

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Ms. Bankston-Lee has 22 years of experience planning, developing and implementing tobacco control programs for non-profits, county government and health care services such as the Gold Country Regional Tobacco Control Coalition, the African American Tobacco Education Partnership, Smoking Cessation Counselor for Sutter Medical Centers, and the Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services.

Ms. Bankston-Lee has worked with restaurateurs, the rental housing industry, community colleges and trade schools, and government agencies to adopt smoke-free policies and ordinances. She has developed numerous educational materials and campaigns such as policy tool kits, guides for adopting smoke-free policies, pamphlets, brochures and post cards on various tobacco issues and products; and developed TV, radio and social media campaigns to increase awareness about the dangers of secondhand smoke, nonsmokers’ rights, and support for smoke-free outdoor policies.​