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Policy Priorities

The SOL Staff is currently working on the following objectives that reduces tobacco-related health disparities among African American and economically disadvantaged populations:

Menthol and Other Flavored Tobacco Sales

At least five jurisdictions in the Gold Country Region (Unincorporated Sacramento County, Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove, West Sacramento, Stockton) to adopt and implement policies that restrict the sale and/or distribution of any mentholated cigarettes and other flavored tobacco including Electronic Smoking Devices (ESD). Live in Stockton? Take our survey and let us know what you think.

A minimum of five jurisdictions or governing bodies in Gold Country with existing smoke-free outdoor policies (i.e., dining areas, recreation areas, service areas, sidewalks, etc.) will update the definitions of smoking or tobacco product to include the burning or heating of tobacco products, other plant products, other natural or synthetic products, or electronic smoking devices (ESD).


Smoke-Free Outdoor Areas

At least two tenants such as Heart Health Stadium, Raging Waters, Rock and Brews, or Cal Expo RV Park on the California Exposition & State Fair (Cal Expo Property) will adopt and implement a 100% smoke/vape free policy to include combustible and non-combustible, natural and synthetic tobacco and other plant-based products on the grounds and in parking lots.

California's End Game

The tobacco endgame concept is a plan using policy approaches for ending the tobacco epidemic, and envisions a tobacco-free future, not just "controlling" tobacco. California has a goal by 2035 to eradicate the commercial tobacco industry's influence and reduce the harm caused by tobacco products to the health, environment and economic well-being of California's diverse populations. 


Imagine a world without commercial tobacco (1).png
Imagine a world without commercial tobacco (1).png

Tobacco's End Game in Sacramento 

One city in Sacramento County (E.g., Sacramento, Rancho Cordova or Elk Grove) will adopt a tobacco endgame policy that eliminates the sale and distribution of all tobacco products, including electronic smoking devices. Live in one of these cities?


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Youth Development

At least 30 African American youth ages 12 to 17 years old will be recruited and trained as SOLdiers to participate in tobacco control and/or social determinants of health work in the Gold Country Region. SOLdiers were started in 2011 to get youth involved in the fight against the commercial tobacco industry’s targeting of African Americans. SOLdiers do litter clean ups, table at community events, and educate the public about the harms of tobacco and vaping. They also give presentations to community leaders, elected officials, and their peers about new products and predatory marketing tactics used by the tobacco and vape industries. Most importantly, SOLdiers contribute their voice in the fight against Big Tobacco.


The following jurisdictions have passed policies that restrict or eliminate the sale of flavored tobacco and vape products, or have updated smoking definitions. 

  • City of Sacramento - Prohibits the sale of flavored tobacco and vape products. Prohibits the sale of any tobacco product within 1,000 feet of a school and prohibits the sale of tobacco within 500 feet of another retailer (2019). 

  • City of Elk Grove - No smoking allowed in outdoor dining areas and within 20 feet of entrances (2018). 

  • Yolo County​ - Prohibits the sale of flavored tobacco under the county’s Tobacco Retail Permit Ordinance, which affected tobacco retailers in unincorporated areas of the county (2016).

  • City of Davis - Prohibits the sale of flavored tobacco products (cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vape cartridges, cigars and pipe tobacco) (2020). 

  • City of Woodland - Prohibits the sale of flavored tobacco products within city limits. (2020). 

  • City of West Sacramento​ - A policy to stop the sell of flavored tobacco was adopted, which went to effect  on April 15, 2020. 

  • Sacramento County - An ordinance was passed that prohibits the sale of flavored tobacco with no exemptions (2022).

  • City of Rancho Cordova - An ordinance was passed that prohibits the sale of flavored tobacco products, exempting Hookah bars (2022).

The SOL Project 

Saving Our Legacy African Americans for Smoke Free Safe Spaces

The SOL Project advocates for healthy, smoke-free communities for African Americans and other populations who suffer disproportionately as a result of social conditions and tobacco use.


Phone: 888-774-7685 (SOUL)


1555 River Park Drive, Ste.107 

Sacramento, CA 95815 

The SOL Project is a program of Heluna Health, a registered 501c3,  funded by California Department of Public Health.

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